PTSD HUB - PTSD App to Help With Coping Strategies


Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the app and given such amazing feedback. Here are just some of the comments:

“This app is one that is courageous, inspirational and compassionate. The creator should be admired for sharing such a personal & significant life event. The attention to detail and research carried out is phenomenal. I wish the creator and all users that benefit from such a motivational app every good luck, and that this app blows the attention that PTSD deserves out of the water.” – ChoppedE

“I came across your app whilst looking on twitter, as I very often do at certain pages from the mental health community, although I don’t actually have an account! I have been through some tough years, although now finally doing much better in my recovery. I actually have bipolar, however I still found the app incredibly useful in many parts.

The sections around sleep issues, anger, depression & emotional numbness were so relevant and helpful! I will definitely be trying the EFT technique, WRAP plan and gratitude journal in the future. I think these suggestions will be helpful to put into practice proactively and I know I can refer back to the app if I was to find myself struggling again.

Also love that the “coping strategies” are all gathered from people’s lived experience and there is the option to submit your own, so we can help each other.

I wanted to provide the feedback that I think the app will not only help those with PTSD, but also many other mental health conditions, meaning you will help so many others! Also it helps give people like me who are slightly more private in discussing their MH, the opportunity to gain access to a great source of information from somebody who has been there, on a less public platform than social media. I want you to know you have done fantastically with it & you should be very proud.” – Charlotte

“PTSD Hub is brilliant and will make a very real difference for people with PTSD, as well as being useful for people with other MH conditions that have some of the same symptoms. At a time when NHS services are cut to the bone, more and more people will need to rely on self-help and peer support and that’s what this app is all about. The app is clear, comprehensive and user-friendly. I particularly liked that people are able to share their own coping strategies. Perhaps most importantly, the app will help to create a community of people who share similar struggles and will be able to support each other. Highly recommended.” – Debi

“Very helpful…..great for PTSD symptoms but also for other symptoms e.g. low mood, self harm, dissociation. Really recommend for anyone with this sort of illness!!” – Angela

“Fantastic support. Definitely needed!” – Diane

“This app will be of great help to people who just feel they would rather read something rather than talk,- which when I am at my lowest, find really difficult.” – Nic

“Used the app last night finding it really useful at the moment. Thank you.” – Kez

“Looks to be really helpful and informative if you live with PTSD, please give it a peek!” – Anon

“Hey everyone. Please go and check out this app. I’ve started looking round and so far it’s so great. The description of “Triggers” is spot on!” – Anon

“Loving the coping strategies page so much. Really helps to read other peoples ways of coping that you might not have thought about!” – Anon